Bolo Action

PS: This monetisation policy is in effect from July 29, 2020

Based on Bolo Actions, any new user joining the platform or any user creating videos on the platform will be getting the opportunity to earn gift vouchers and gift cards of upto INR 15,000 per month. 

In addition, select users will be empanneled by Bolo Indya team for regular payouts on one to one basis with individual creator's performance based terms and conditions. 

Some of the Superstar and Popular Bolo Indyans will work with Bolo Indya team on revenue share basis for Brand Partnerships and Content Marketing initiatives.

As a wildcard incentive,

Any user who gets viral on the platform within 7 days of joining, or has a video getting viral within 7 days of posting it, shall get special cash + gift card reqard of upto INR 10,000.

Happy Creating videos,

Team Bolo Indya