Akash Utreja

Fullstack Developer

He is not just a creative mind behind the software but a passionate dancer too. He strongly belives in doing hard work and that keeps him up and motivated all the time.

Ankit Rastogi

Head of Engineering

Of all the languages, computer languages are his most favourite and can work with them all day long. But don’t be surprised he loves coding at night and gadgets are his absolute favourite.

Anshika Yadav

User Acquisition Lead

The most hands on non techie of the team. Loves our users and is the most popular among them when it comes to addressing issues related to them. When not working, you can always find her either with Chai or Samara

Gaurang Sinha

Fullstack Developer

He not just loves playing with technology but equally loves playing cricket. He is a movie freak and someone who is very fun, perky, and often optimistic.

Gitesh Shastri

Android Developer

He loves building apps that makes all our lives easy. He loves taking challenges and overcomes them like a pro. He loves exploring & learning new things everyday


AVP Brand & Partnerships

She is the brand guardian and is great in maintaining relationships be it with existing team or external contacts. She is someone who is dynamic, charismatic, and very social.


Sr Fullstack Developer

He is our newly married full stack developer who is full of life. He turns visual design and wireframe files into living, functioning websites. When life gets complicated he rides.


AVP Tech

She loves Algorithms and Codes. Apart from these two, travelling, yoga, and reading are the other things that keeps her sane. She is a go-getter and inspires all of us everyday.

Ravneet Kaur

UI UX intern

Our one stop solution for all designs who runs with the motto "You can't reach perfection but you can certainly achieve satisfaction" . While everything seems to go for a toss, we count on her to do the last moment magic. In her free time she loves anime and cooking.


Content Moderator

She is not just good at work but a natural-born artist. She has got a euphorious voice that melts people. She is the spontaneous and energetic women of the team.


Fullstack Developer

He talks only when necessary but gets shit done nonetheless. He is someone who is focused on achievement, organized, and always in control.

Srinidhi Ramesh

Language Lead - Tamil

The most diverse and talented member of the team. While she is a perfectionist at work, her dance skills keep surprising us where she has represented the country.

Tanmai Paul

Co-Founder and CMO

Sarcasm and Tanmai are synonymous. Be it in managing digital content or talking to stakeholders. Her acumen and passion to make Bolo Indya known to all is unmatchable. A win win for ya’ll - Give her a glass of red wine and no one gets hurt.

Tarush Saksena

HR Manager

A fun addition to the team and the most reliable one. Yet, he is the go to man for everyone in the team. He is the driving force for the team to hunt and get new awesome people join us.

Varun Saxena

Founder and CEO

A workaholic, who doesn’t understand normal working hours or weekends. Tough to read his mind in terms of expectations, and only he knows where Bolo Indya will be, years from now. Can never separate sales and love for JD from him.

Vipasha Sharma

Social Media Manager

Vipasha is a passionate individual who has mastered the skill of dancing, whether it's making Bolo Indya's social media dance or her own self. The thought of pouring herself a glass of Cranberry Vodka after work keeps her going,